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JPerelloabogados is a Law Firm strategically located in the heart of Mallorca. We are specialists in Real Estate and Urbanistic Law. We go from local to global.


Law Firm in Mallorca

  • Real estate law

  • Representation and advice throughout the buying and selling process.
  • Urban study, state of loads and registration situation.
  • Preparation of deeds/ assistance to all the process, notary public and final registration before the land registry.
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Real estate tax advice
  • Due Diligence report (urban planning, real estate, tax advice, etc).
Real estate law
Jaume Perelló Abogados-Lawyers

Jaume Perelló

Specialist in Real Estate and Urban Law.

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  • Urbanistic Law
  • we take care of carrying out urban studies and reports to know the legality of any property, urban planning, possible sanctions and risks in case of purchase and sale. We have complete knowledge of the Balearic Islands local law.
  • We also have a long time experience with urban fines and mange to reduce them as much as possible or even cancel the fine.
  • We resolve doubts and legal inconveniences on land, expropriations, preparation and negotiation of contracts, as well as the possible obtaining of licenses, and preparation of claims and demands on any fact related to land affected by some type of urban action, etc.
  • We have good connections with the public authorities (city council, Consell de Mallorca, etc).
  • Construction law

  • We defend and advise our clients in the advice and drafting of contracts for the execution of work of both promoter and builder, industrialists and installers, Project Management contracts, contracts for the supply of construction materials and the provision of professional services, etc.
  • We have great knowledge of the Urban Planning Law as well as the defense of the different agents that intervene in the construction process, in lawsuits related to hidden defects in construction, poor execution of work, ten-year liability, as well as judicial procedures that derive from hidden defects in materials or non-compliance in the delivery of the same.
  • Civil law

Our goal is to achieve with effort and dedication the greatest success in the case raised for each of our clients and in a detailed way and manner.

In addition, we are specialized in the collection of debts from both companies and individuals.

Our firm also has extensive experience in claims derived from the corresponding compensation due to traffic accidents, and cycling incidents, always with the best legal service in all these cases getting the best compensation for our clients.

These and other legal issues are handled with the highest and recognized professionalism, obtained as a result of the experience of working in the best law firms nationwide so that our clients obtain success in each case.


What characterizes us as a Law Firm in Mallorca, North of the island.

We stand out for offering a dynamic and updated service, with personalized attention to our clients, seeking the best laws and jurisprudence applied in each case since a complete follow-up is carried out, focusing on having direct and constant communication with the client.

Our goal is to keep the client updated on the development of their case, with complete and updated information on all the procedures carried out.

The transparency and honesty of our law firm in Mallorca is reflected in the trust that our clients have placed.

Once the case has been presented, and after its in-depth analysis, we present the different alternatives, always respecting the last word of the client, as well as an order sheet that includes a detailed budget with the content and scope of our services and professional fees.

We are here to provide the best legal assistance to those who require our services, presently in our offices, through our telephone lines, email or Whats App.